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Tranquilo // This is my absolute favorite of the Iron Candles. So warm and yummy! Makes my house smell wonderful!


Aviador // I’ve been so impressed by these candles! We recently purchased Sweet Betty and Aviador. Not only are they chic and sophisticated in appearance, the scent combinations of both are incredible. Their fragrances seduce our space, yet they are not loud or overbearing. The sentiment behind the brand adds an additional layer of warmth to their presence, and I find the photographs on the packaging to be objets d’art in themselves. I’ll definitely be returning for more.


Aviador // I had no idea incense could smell like this, not the traditional fragrances. Incredible I am now an incense fan!


Canal // Oh how I love all the candles in the Fe line. I’m a bit of a candle junkie, but these are the best candles I’ve ever purchased. The packaging makes a great gift all on its own, but the candle itself is amazing. Buy one for every candle lover in your life, they will not be disappointed!

Catherine Huskins

Varón // The entire “Iron” collection is a hit! We rotate through a couple of them and can’t choose a favorite. The scents are clean and can be carried throughout our home without being overpowering.


Canal // This candle is exactly what I want in a candle. The sharp but subtle packaging only prepares you for the perfection that it holds. The scent is “manly” if you will, not in a terrible body spray kind of way but that of a passionate, dedicated craftsman.


Aviador // The cashmere suede and leather are exactly what I love and this candle is insane!